Tonight's Girlfriend
2015-09-02 02:30:01
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The game me and my team developed did well here in L.A. at its debut, and now its time to celebrate. Forget drinking and clubbing; Ive got porn star Veronica Avluv. Im a big fan of hers, and now that Ive got a little extra cash, Ive ordered her for the night, and shes all mine. To do as I say. If I ask her to kneel and suck my cock, shell ask for how long. If I tell her to squeeze her big tits together so I can tittfuck her, she asks how tight. This doesnt happen often for me, but tonights my night. And its not a game.

Veronica Avluv

Veronica Avluv is a hot petite milf star that will have your jaw dropping. She is no more than 5'2 and she weighs a mere 105 pounds, which means most guys would be able to lift her off the ground and fuck her tight twat! She is a pretty American brunette from sunny California. Veronica Avluv was born on February 16, 1973 and is a voracious cougar on the prowl. She likes girls and likes guys and while she is always up for a threesome, she's even done a couple of group scenes too. This is one very wicked awesome lady sure to turn the heat beyond the boiling point. Look out now!

Tonight's Girlfriend
Tonight's Girlfriend

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