The Deflowering
2017-10-26 16:03:37
Blonde, Gangbang, Teen, Piper Perri, Pure Taboo, Natural Tits, Petite,

Scene opens on a black frame, as we hear Amy (Piper Perri) giggle and ask ‘Adam, what are you doing?’ Herboyfriend (Robby Echo) replies, ‘We’re almost there babe, just hang on a little longer…’ He slowly removes his handfrom over her eyes and, from Amy’s POV, we see where they are for the first time. It’s their anniversary andthe 19-year-old nerdy couple are celebrating at Adam’s new place. Amy gets her bearings and looksaround at the rental for the first time. It’s huge, a mansion … way better than his parent’s basement!Adam proudly boasts that they can now do whatever they want without his folks watching and he has awhole romantic day planned for their anniversary. Amy is shocked and confused as to how Adam canafford such a place but he brushes it off, saying he got a new job and that he’s really getting his lifetogether to support them in the future. When Amy asks for a tour, Adam nervously rushes her throughthe house to get to his room. This seems strange, considering how impressive the house is … but Amytakes his hand and follows him inside his bedroom. He nervously looks down the hall before shuttingthe door. The camera lingers on the closed door for a moment before slowly moving toanother part of the house, where we see a gang of tough-looking guys weighing and stacking drugpouches into a delivery bag. The couple make out inside Adam’s bedroom for a few minutes when there is a loud bang on his door.One of the men from down the hall demand he join them in the living room. Adam clamps his handover Amy’s mouth and makes up a cheap excuse but they call him a bitch and tell him to comedownstairs now. Before she can say anything, Adam tells her it’s just his new roommates playing a jokeon him and tells her to be quiet and wait in his room. She sits on the bed confused before deciding to goinvestigate. When she creeps into the living room, she is stunned to see her nerdy little boyfriendsurrounded by the gang … who are berating and teasing him as he counts the kilos on the table. Sheoverhears enough to discover that he has been helping them out with their operation in exchange forfree room and board. He fucked up the count on their last delivery so they are about to kick his ass outif he doesn’t make up for it. Adam looks weak and nervous, as he tries to smooth talk his way out fromthe guys. They enjoy having the little nerd to beat up on and use as a punching bag, especially since it’sso clear that Adam wants to be one of them. But all that stops when they realize Amy is standing there…


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