A Fuck To Remember

2017-01-20 23:43:15
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Peta Jensen wakes up one morning from a feverish wet dream. She goes downstairs and meets her husband, who asks about her night out. Peta soon realizes that she’s woken up still thinking about the hard fuck she got that night from a stranger, but will her loose lips slip up to the fact that she cheated on her husband?

Peta Jensen

If you can take your eyes off of her magnificent big tits long enough to notice her face, surely one of the first things you'll notice on busty beauty Peta Jensen are her gorgeous almond eyes. With her entrancing features and unforgettable body, Peta is about as hot as they come, and we couldn't be happier to have her here at the world's best porn site. It's clear that Peta takes her fitness seriously, and she's definitely got the curves to show for it, with a mouth-watering juicy booty, a perfect flat stomach, and the kind of well-toned thighs that belong wide open. Whether she's sucking dick or eating pussy, Peta gives every scene she performs in her all. When she's not busy getting her pussy stuffed for your viewing pleasure, you can probably find this brunette beauty down at the beach, chilling by the pool, or riding her bike, but for this workaholic hottie, there's no substitute to the raw erotic thrill offered by fucking on film!

A Fuck To Remember
A Fuck To Remember

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