2017-08-12 03:06:22
Brunette, Gangbang, Gangbang Creampie, Kendra Lynn,

It’s Friiidaaaay! Which means it’s the best day of the week. Weekend is upon us, which means a new GangBangCreampie is here for your viewing pleasure. Mitt and Kendra are on the bench, apparently he didn’t get enough during the blowbang, or car action. But this time he’s got his fellow #Cocksmen with him to join in on the fun. The guys get to work quick, getting her clothes off, and noshing on that sweet poonani. They all line up and take turns feeling her out, all while her man Trop Lust is watching in the wings. He can’t get enough of this hot action. She takes it in pretty much every position before the guys start dropping their loads. Lots of doggy this week, her ass is just too sexy not to take it from behind. This lady is a CUM-QUEEEEN. She takes 6 loads and and a hot piping bush pie by the time it’s all said and done. She is absolutely insatiable. Taking load after load and playing with it each time, gyrating her ass till the cum drips down and on to the bench. Today was the complete package, and she’ll go down in the books as a GangBang Favorite!


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