Kat Dior gets a massage with a Happy Ending

2020-05-22 23:12:37
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Kat has been tense lately and wants to get a massage so her friend recommends a place called Kinky Spa where they give great massages with a little extra if she wants. When Kat arrives she is introduced to her hunky masseuse and decides right away she wants that little extra. In the middle of her massage she pulls her masseuses BBC out and gets to sucking next thing you know he has her riding him on the massage table while she cums like crazy, once she has had her fill she jacks him off till he blows his load.

Kat Dior

Latina sensation Kat Dior was the one your momma warned you about! Although her face is sweeter than a gum drop, Kat just so happens to be one of the most depraved cum-sluts of all time! A former medical worker who told her fans she was going to "gradually ease into porn," it wasn't long before Kat said "fuck that" and started getting blow-banged in some of the raunchiest gangbangs moral decency can allow. A party chick who loves dancing, video games, and eating pizza for breakfast, Kat is one badass babe who doesn't give a hoot about what anybody thinks of her! When you combine a lust for throat-gagging action with a super-tight 100 lbs. frame, squirting pussy, and addiction to double-penetration, you wind up with Kat Dior: the nasty little nympho who loves being called a dirty whore!


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